Camping Information
The Roslyn Canine Festival, presented by Plum Crazy Events, had its inaugural event in 2017.  We are excited to return to Roslyn in the spirit of promoting quality canine relationships in the community.  Located not far from Seattle, on the I-90 corridor, the Festival draws thousands of visitors from all over the northwest, including Alaska and Montana, as well as residents of upper and lower Kittitas County.  The Festival is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated, fun filled, family events in the small tourist town of Roslyn.  There is a vendor fair, food court, children’s play zone, beer garden, and high-flying canine sports. 

The Festival committee would like to invite new and returning participants and competitors at this year’s Roslyn Canine Festival to camp onsite.
Camping FAQ
Can I park next to my tent?
In an attempt to make the process as easy as possible, you will be permitted to drive to your tent site for setup and teardown each day, but your car will need to be parked on the street during hours of operation.

Can I park next to my RV?
Each RV will have a specific amount of space available to them and if your car fits within that space, you are welcome to park there.

Can I camp out of my car?
Yes, in which case your car will be considered an RV much like a motorhome.

When can I set up?
We encourage you to arrive a day early and take advantage of the opportunity to setup early, but we do not require you to do so.

Will there be an ATM available?
Not at this time, but there are ATMs available in neighborhood businesses.

Will there be security?
No, the festival will not provide security, but we encourage our participants to keep an eye out for each other.  If you have a fellow camper that you have traveled with in the past and would like to be located next to, please let us know.  Every effort will be made to accomodate your request whenever possible.
Is electricity available?

Can we bring a generator?
Yes, small generators will be permitted as long as they do not result in a noise or fume nuisance to the event participants and visitors.  The City's noise ordinance will require that all generators will need to be turned off from 10:00pm through 7:00am.

Do we have to pre-register for camping?
No, but the camping space is limited and will be assigned on a first come first served basis, so we encourage you to register for camping as early as possible.

Are animals permitted?
Yes, dogs in particular are encouraged.  All animals must be on leash, well-mannered, and clean.  You will be expected to clean up after your animals and ensure that their care is maintained while onsite.  Animals are not allowed in the food area for the health and safety of humans and animals alike.

Is water available onsite?
Yes, there is a garden hose available at the corner of the park for your use.

Is there black/gray water disposal available on-site?
No, you will need to make arrangements for emptying your tanks.